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The largest Boats fleet in Cancun (Catamaran and Yachts). If you want to enjoy a spectacular sailing day in is your best option. We will sail on Caribbean waters towards Isla Mujeres. Our staff will make your trip an unforgettable experience; the tour has it bar (all you want or can drink) all day and buffet lunch on the island (optional). Also you will have the opportunity to snorkel in one part of the second largest reef in the world, meet the local people, and buy their handicrafts or souvenirs. Customize your trip to your needs, enjoy the amazing caibbean sunset in the will not regret it!!!

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We provide private services, yacht rentals, catamararan rentals, for birthday parties, wedding receptions, booze cruise, adult only trips, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, sunset cruise, snorkeling tours, packages for weddings and special events.

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Trimaran SAMBA 3 - 78

The "SAMBA 3" is the largest trimaran in our fleet, with 78 feet (19.5 meters) length and 33 feet (19.5 meters) wide, with a maximum authorized capacity of 90 people, with 2 bathrooms, shaded area and cockpit, surround sound with CD, Ipod and MP3 players, life jackets.

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